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relaxing and calming image of resting water to support reiki healing and spiritual wellness

Reiki and Quantum Healing
Spiritual Wellness and Coaching
Quantum Sound Therapy
Energy Healing Modaility Trainings and Courses

Holding space and supporting you through transformative healing, spiritual awakening and alignment.

Spiritual Wellness and Coaching

Laura Reiki Master energy healer standing in long grass with hand on her heart

Hi, I'm Laura!

Are you entering your healing era?
Maybe you're beginning to delve into shadow work, energy release, and spirituality and need a spiritual bestie and guide in your back pocket?

As a multi-modality energy healing practitioner, advanced Quantum Energy Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, energy alchemist, and spiritual wellness coach I provide energy healing, spiritual and emotional support and mentoring those who are navigating their transformative healing journey. Whether you are looking to remove emotional blocks, navigate your shadow, need a clearing or energetic release, learning to tap in and listen to your own intuition, or feel empowered on your own spiritual path and journey, I am here to support you and provide guidance, helping you in find all of the answers that you have been searching for within yourself and rediscover your magic.


Have your space held fiercely and sprinkled in with some humour as you unwind and unravel all of the stories you have collected in your life - stories that were disguised as truths - unlocking a deep connection back to yourself. 

My goal is for you to allow yourself to tap into a deeper understanding of your path and journey and remember who you are and embrace the journey you were always meant for.

Oracle Tarot cards and Rose Quartz Crystals used during reiki healing session

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Woman walking through darkness during healing process


Holistic support and coaching through spiritually transformative portals, painful emotions, and limiting beliefs. Remember who you are and what you stand for. Find answers held inside yourself, set boundaries and begin to live your life in alignment with your soul. Learn to trust yourself and your own intuition and feel more connected to your higher self and purpose.

three women sitting in community healing circle holding flowers


These unique energy healing sessions combine different techniques to address various aspects of your well-being. These sessions are for those who are ready to get to the bottom of what is holding you back in your life and moving forward. Sessions can also include Quantum Journeying, Sound Healing, Spiritual Releasement, Energetic and Chakra Alignment, Crystals, and more.

calming photo of dark flower buds to promote healing and relaxation during reiki


A safe and inclusive space where we celebrate and honour our unique gifts and experiences. Meditation circles, sound baths, plant medicine ceremonies, Reiki courses and energy modality mentoring and trainings, and events that encourage self-acceptance, self-empowerment, and embrace our truths.

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Fraser Valley, B.C. 


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